Valentine’s Day: 5 free gift ideas that will surely please your partner

Free Valentine's gifts ideas

Valentine’s day is in less than a week! So for those who still have not found a gift for their beloved, here are some easy and completely free ideas to offer at Valentine’s Day. These ideas will be appreciated for sure and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Choose the one(s) that will please the most your partner!

Some Valentine’s free gifts ideas…

A love letter

Whether you have been with your beloved one for some time or you just met him/her, a love letter is always a good idea. If you do not know where to start, our advice is to be honest. Why don’t you talk about the things that make you happy when you are with your partner? You can also tell a funny story about how you two met. It does not have to be long. Sincerity is a key to write a good love letter.

A romantic dinner cooked by yourself

If you do not have the money or the time to take your beloved to the restaurant, you could prepare the meal yourself! Without necessarily preparing something fancy, a meal made with love will please your partner for sure. A salad as a starter, a main dish cooked in the oven (fish with veggies) and an easy homemade dessert (chocolate mousse etc …) are some examples of an exciting menu to cook for your special guest!

A massage delivered by you

For Valentine’s Day, do not hesitate to offer wellbeing gifts. Invite your partner to take a relaxing bath or a hot shower and get a body oil or lotion. Then, offer your partner a relaxing massage. You will find easy tips and tutorials on the Internet (especially on YouTube). Choose a specific tutorial to the area you want to massage (back, legs, scalp) and offer it to your partner with a soft music in the background…

love massage valentine

Sweet words in a box

It is important in a relationship to maintain love. Small love gestures and messages are always appreciated in a relationship. Here’s an idea: in a glass jar or a cute little box, put small pieces of paper containing a sweet sentence, a compliment, or a love quote. Your partner will open one at any time and feel loved…

Love note valentine

A day together, just the two of you (without mobile phone)

Why not giving to your partner a day together and organising activities that would please him/ her. From watching his favorite films or series together to spending a  day in the mountain… Whatever makes him/her happy!

A valentine’s day full of love…

Do not hesitate to combine these ideas and attentions. Your partner deserves them all! And, to not arrive empty-handed, offer a nice card of Valentine’s Day in which you slip a note mentioning your gift. In our shop, you will find a love card available in pink and in blue. And in addition, you can print it yourself!

Happy valentine’s day!

♥ Audrey & Marina ♥

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