Tutorial DIY: paper cones bunny pattern for your Easter chocolates

Easter paper cones DIY

Hi everyone,

It’s Easter time! And today, we would like to present you a new DIY activity to embellish your chocolates. In this article, you will find a very quick tutorial: super easy and very cheap! Not to mention that it requires very little material: some chocolates, the printable bunny patterns printed on an A4 normal sheet, a small ribbon and a cute sticky and fancy tape.

DIY cone with rabbit pattern for your Easter chocolates

What you will need

In terms of time, it takes about 3 minutes per cone!

Step 1: Place your printed pattern sheet on the table keeping the white side up

Step 2: Fold the top right side down to form an isosceles triangle

Step 3: Fold the long side of the sheet inside the corner of the other triangle so as to form a cone from the inside. Cover the inner cone by the isosceles triangle formed at the beginning to finish the shape of the cone

Step 4: Attach the bottom of the cone with tape and a small ribbon

Step 5: Put the chocolates inside the cone

Step 6: Close the cone by folding the pointed side and attach it with a piece of fancy tape

cornet de bonbons chocolat pour pâques - motif lapin de pâques

There you go !

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you will enjoy making these cones to offer your chocolates and celebrate Easter. Do not hesitate to tag us on Instagram @onacreation if you realize this tutorial, so we can see how they look like. We cannot wait to see them!

If you liked this tutorial, have a look at our previous tutorial: DIY Tea box inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

See you soon !
♥ Audrey & Marina ♥

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