10 Christmas gift ideas featuring mint and gold products!

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10 Etsy items featuring gold and mint colors that your friends and familly would certainly love to have for Christmas!

Hi everyone,

We are very happy to share with you more Christmas gift ideas! Last time, we decided to present you 10 gift ideas featuring woodland animals. This time, we will be showcasing mint and gold items that you may like to offer at Christmas. These two colors inspire us freshness and softness at the same time. That’s why it’s no surprise that we have decided to use them for our 2016 Winter Collection! They go very well together and can easily be used to accessorize an outfit or aa home decor!

And as we like to do, we decided to focus on products that can be found on Etsy. There are ideas for men, women and neutral so everyone can find what they are looking for! You will see that they match very well the collection of printables that you can find in our Etsy shop! Isn’t it amazing to be able to match the gift and wrapping papers?

So let’s go! Here are 10 Christmas gift ideas that you could offer for Christmas!


1. Deer bowtie – “Metallic gold deer head antlers silhouette on a pale mint green cotton bowtie.”  by TheWoolFish

2. Mint Gold Heart Necklace: “Hand-made of quality gold plated chain, gold plated brass, spring clasp, polymer clay and resin.” by LaLiLaJewelry

3. Clutch Mint & Gold “An oversized clutch made from soft pastel mint green leather with a gold leather base.” by gracedesign

4. Mason Jars bulk: “3 mason jars gold and mit to add the perfect touch to any room” by PaintedPaintbrush

5. Confettis pillow cover: “100% cotton pillow cover made with gorgeous designer fabric.” by SprinkledWithKisses


6. Handmade egg candle : “Mint candle half handpainted in gold, with special lacquer for candles.” by LessCandles

7. Sleep Eye Mask : “Breakfast at Tiffany’s handcrafted sleep eye mask with rich duchess satin in mint green and embroidered with metallic gold thread” by TheSleepyCottage

8. Minimalist Bracelet : “Mint bracelet with japanese golden pearls (miyuki delicas). Created and made in France.” by NatachaFayard


9. Large Teepee Tent : “Play House kids teepee mint & gold chevron” by TeepeeMonkey

10. Deer Head wall hanging : “Wall mounting resin deer sculpture. Comes in three pieces (head & two antlers).” by mahzerandvee

You now have plenty of gift ideas for Christmas! Do you like them? Which one in particular would you like to offer to someone? Please, let us know in the comments!

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See you soon,
♥ Audrey & Marina ♥


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