DIY Tea Party: Create your own Beauty and the Beast tea packs

DIY Tea party - tea box - Beauty and the Beast
Make your own tea box inspired by the Disney movie the Beauty & the Beast thanks to this DIY tutorial made from printables downloaded on Etsy.

Let’s celebrate Spring with a set of printables inspired by the Disney movie: The Beauty & the Beast.

This set of printables includes two versions of tea Box, tea bag holders and a small card to put inside! To show you how easy it is to use these Beauty and the Beast inspired printables, we have prepared a DIY tutorial. Build this tea pack in a minute and use it for your tea party or offer it to your family and friends. This DIY tea box is a great handmade gift to offer for Mother’s day, for a friend’s birthday or any other occasion.

So let’s go and start this tutorial.

You will need:

Tutorial: Bring the Beauty & the Beast inside your teacup!

Step 1 : Cut out the tea box and the small card

Step 2 : Fold the tea box

tutoriel, plier la boite à tea fold tea box

Step 3: Glue the strips to close the box on the side and on the bottom of the box.

box creation beauty and the beast do it yourself handmade tea box

Step 4 : Close the box to see if the result is satisfying

Step 5 : Cut out the tea bag holders and fold them in two in the middle

Step 6 : Glue the tea bag holder to your tea bag. Depending on the size of your tea bags, you box can host between 5 and 10 tea bags. If you used pre-made tea bags, you just have to glue the tea bag holder to the existing one.

Step 7 : Write a note on the card indicating the type of tea and the recipient of your tea box. As the studios Disney recently released a movie featuring Emma Watson as Belle, we have decided to dedicate this tea box tutorial to her.

emma watson tea time party

Step 8 : Put the tea bags inside the tea box and cover them with the note you just wrote.

Your Beauty and the Beast inspired tea box is ready to be offered. It’s a good gift to offer for mother’s day or to a friend for her birthday.

tutoriel boîte à thé à imprimer la belle et la bête DIY

Don’t hesitate to print your printables several times. The tea party pack comes in two colors : blue / red and yellow / red. You can play with the colors and the flavor of the tea to offer a full pack or organise your own tea party !

So, how was your DIY?

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