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ØNA Creation: A unique collaboration


ONA Creation comes from a partnership between two french sisters: Marina and Audrey. We wanted to unify our talents in graphic design and communications to develop something unique together. And this is now a reality thanks to ONA Creation!

ONA Creation offers original lines of graphic designs and printable paper goods. Discover a world of unique creations in this site and in our Etsy e-shop!

Behind ØNA

Our story…

We were born and raised in a seaside town close to Biarritz in the South-West part of France.

Marina is creative and since her childhood has demonstrated strong artistic skills. Audrey is a social person, she is cheerful and has always had good communication skills.

We have always demonstrate tolerance, empathy and complicity to one another. Over the years, we have learnt to convert our differences into strengths!

We recently decided to leverage our complementarity to collaborate on a common project. And this is how we created ONA Creation!

Our respective background

About Marina

Marina Liw - ONA Creation - Graphic Designer

“I have always been interested in all forms of Arts: Drawing, Cinema, Dance, Poetry etc… I consider myself as a creative person and a dreamer!

As a kid, I used to be attracted by imaginary worlds and beautiful images. So that’s no surprise, that I decided to pursue a career path related to Graphic Arts when I was 16.

I obtained a Highschool degree in Arts and Design and moved to Rennes to study at the Beaux Arts, a well-known artistic school in France. I obtained a College degree in Visual Communications and decided to develop further my knowledge in Multimedia and Web, being passionate about this area. I like coding and I can say that I am a geek without any shame!

I started my career in 2008 in Paris in a french start-up as a Graphic Designer. I worked on numerous projects and for a great range of clients such as BBC, Esthée Lauder, Princesse tam.tam.

In 2011, I decided to move back to my hometown and developed my skills in web integration. My objective was to start working as a freelance to propose end-to-end graphic and web services to my clients. I reached my goal, starting working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator in Biarritz in 2013.

Since then, I have been loving my job, and I keep looking for exciting challenges as a freelance. I recently partnered with my colleague Aurélien Denis on the project WP Alacarte which provides easy-to-use WordPress products. In addition, I develop unique designs for ONA Creation, a project recently launched in partnership with my younger sister Audrey!”

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About Audrey


“I consider myself as a positive, social and analytical person who like taking on new challenges. When I was a kid, I used to prefer being involved in group activities and solve logical tests over drawing.

At the age of 17, I obtained a Highschool degree in Sciences and decided to study what I have always been passionate about: communications and marketing.

While I was a college student, I left France to do a couple of Marketing internships in Ireland and Spain. I realised that I thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by international mates and living abroad.

In 2011, as part of my Master’s degree course at the Toulouse Business School, I took a gap year and moved to Paris. I worked a year at the headquarters of a major worldwide hotel chain assisting the Senior Vice President of Employer Branding and managing communication initiatives in the area of human resources.

In September 2012, I took the opportunity to live in an international atmosphere and moved to the United Kingdom for a year to finish my degree.

After obtaining a Master’s Degree in Business and Management, it’s no surprise that I looked for a job abroad. I found an exciting opportunity in Madrid (Spain) at the headquarters of the IT leader of the travel industry. I have been working there for 3 years, being responsible for collaboration and knowledge management within my department.

Apart from my professional activity, I am the creator of a french lifestyle blog known as Ambitieuse & Passionnée. I like writing about career, expat life, travel and things that make me happy!

In 2016, I get involve in a new project: developing the marketing and communication strategy of ONA Creation. I work in partnerhip with my sister Marina who is in charge of the design of unique creations.”

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