11 DIY Christmas ideas: cheap and last minute!

A selection of easy-to-make DIY gifts for broke people and late birds. Each idea is taken from Pinterest and includes a link to the complete tutorial.

Hi everyone!

Christmas Day is in less than a week, yeahhhh !!! What? You are actually worried because you have not found the perfect gift despite our very cool selections of Mint and Gold Christmas gift ideas and Woodland Animals Christmas Gift ideas? Well, don’t worry, this time we are here to give you DIY last minute cheap ideas.

All you will need to have is a bit of time and basic supplies to create your own gifts. No time to be innovative, it’s too late for that! So we browsed the web for you ! And we found super cool DIY gift ideas, easy to make and very pretty !

You don’t believe us ? Well watch the selection of the 11 DIY ideas. You can find all these tutorials on our DIY Christmas Ideas Pinterest Board!

1. Handmade Lip Balm: An easy recipe to make your own organic lip balms – Tutorial by Lia Griffith

2. Handmade Bath Bomb: A DIY recipe to make your own bath bombs – Tutorial by Inspired by Charm

3. Chill Pills: A jar containing sweets which relieve anxiety and stress –  Tutorial and Silhouette by Thinking Closet

4. Terranium: A handmade terranium to decorate your interior – Tutorial by Le Blog de Big Beauty (in French)

5. Jewelry Holder: Paint and stick your wooden blocks together to create your own Jewelry Holder – Original photo on Pinterest

6. All-in-one Family Photo: An original way to present your genealogical tree – Original photo on Pinterest

7. Kit : Camembert in the oven: All the ingredients and the recipe to make your own Camembert in the oven – Tutorial by Fashion Cooking

8. Tutorial DIY Dreamcatcher: All the materials and steps to make your own American Indian’s dreamcatcher – Tutorial by Guo Betty

9. Oil Candle Lamp: a mason jar with oil and species to make light while spreading a pleasant odor – Tutorial by Garden Matter

10. DIY Floating leaves: displaying natural plants in a frame – Tutorial by ruerivoirette here (in French)

11. Handmade Brownie Mix: a jar including a recipe and the corresponding ingredients to make a brownie – Tutorial by minimomblog here (in French)

We hope that these ideas inspired you and that you will try to make them! Subscribe to our Pinterest Profile to get more original Christmas and DIY ideas!

See you soon !
♥ Audrey & Marina ♥

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